Prep - Year 2

In these early years, establishing a love of learning and strong building blocks in literacy and numeracy are key priorities. Introducing children to the ebb and flow of the school routine, taking responsibility for their own belongings and establishing social relationships are also a part of the school experience. Play is a big part of learning.

Although welcome and appreciated in the classroom at any age, the presence and contributions of parents in these early years is especially valuable. Young children love having their parent at school and it can provide an important bridge to talk about learning, friendships and activities at home. Extra adult hands can enable teachers to plan activities that may not otherwise be possible, enhancing the learning experience of all students. A classroom helper course is held at the beginning of each year, but even if parents have not completed this there are still ways they can be involved and are encouraged to speak with their child’s teacher.


As reflected in MDCS policy, students in this age group are expected, with their parents’ support, to do approx. 10 minutes homework on four nights of the week. This usually involves home reading, and depending on the year level, a spelling activity, worksheet or other small task.

Prep - Year 2 Annual Highlights
  • Music Showcase – Music concert with class and optional individual performances.

  • Primary Production – Bi-annual production involving all Primary students.

  • Excursions related to learning of General Studies topics.

  • Book Week Activities – Group work across the Primary school, costume parade.

  • Year 2 Sleepover – Year 2 students spend a night at school near the end of the year, sharing in meals and activities together.

  • Swimming Program – Students attend an intensive swimming program at Monbulk Aquatic Centre as part of the PE Curriculum.

  • Variety of Sport Incursions such as Gymnastics, Cricket, Tennis and Football.

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