Building and Bushlands


MDCS is privileged to be able to educate students in such a beautiful setting. The school grounds are located within 17 acres of surrounding bushland. Outdoor areas are varied and inviting and include several playgrounds, courts with an artificial turf surface, and a well kept oval. Learning spaces are architecturally designed and spacious and specialist classrooms are well appointed for the teaching of particular subjects. We welcome interested families to contact us to make a time for a tour of our facilities.

Nature Trail

In 2009, as a ‘Creative Arts Week’ project involving all Secondary students, a ‘Nature Trail’ was constructed through the bush between the school driveway and Stoney Creek on the north-eastern boundary of the school's beautiful bushland. Flora along the trail was identified and labeled, and students also noted the fauna spotted near the trail. The trail includes benches to rest and enjoy the environment and a communal seating area for larger groups at the end. The nature trail is regularly used by classes for learning activities, and is maintained with assistance of an ongoing grant awarded to MDCS from Melbourne Water.

Gymnasium/Multi-Purpose Hall

In 2009 MDCS, as part of the 'Building the Education Revolution' project, built a Gymnasium providing an indoor arena for basketball, netball, volleyball and soccer games, as well as PE and Sport classes. It is fully equipped with change rooms, showers and toilets. This hall also provides a wonderful venue for assemblies and productions conducted by the students. It has a large kitchen for hospitality purposes and an additional general learning area.

Gardens and Hen House

Established in 2013 by our Primary School classes, MDCS has a large chicken enclosure housing 12 hens. Years 5 and 6 share responsibility for cleaning the enclosure, feeding the chickens and collecting the eggs. Years 3 and 4 tend to two large raised vegetable beds where they plant, nurture and harvest a range of vegetables. Years 1 and 2 established and maintain a worm farm.

MDCS Library .jpg
The Library

The Library is centrally located serving both the Primary and Secondary sections of the school. The main section of the library houses the printed material collection as well as having a space for students to work in small groups and a semi-circular reading pit with audio-visual capabilities. A room of networked computers within the Library supports research and information skills. Visit the Library page to find out more.

Specialist Rooms

Mountain District values an approach to education that celebrates the diverse gifts of the student body. The School is proud to provide modern specialist learning areas for Food Technology, Horticulture, Music, Secondary Science and Wood Technology. Our Art room provides a separate space for students undertaking VCE Art to work on their projects.

MDCS Senior Science jpg
Outdoor play areas

Outdoor play and sport are essential for a healthy lifestyle. MDCS has a variety of play spaces for students’ learning and enjoyment. The Primary School includes three playgrounds, a sandpit and areas where children are free to build small cubbies and forts.

The school has a sports oval and two artificially surfaced basketball/volleyball/netball courts for a range of sporting and play activities.

Computer Technologies

Mountain District Christian School has several general purpose computer areas. The main computer lab is equipped with 26 student computers, an interactive whiteboard and data projector. This computer room is a popular interactive resource supporting teaching and learning at MDCS.

In addition there are networked computers or other devices for personal study and research in the VCE Centre, Library and, virtually, all classrooms. Interactive whiteboards are located in the Science Room, all Primary and most Secondary rooms, enhancing the tools available to support teaching and learning. A set of iPads is available for general activities, with more sets available for specialist subjects such as Music, Art, Indo and STEAM.

Study Group
VCE Centre

Students undertaking VCE at MDCS have access to a Senior School study room adjacent to the Senior School staffroom with networked computers supporting study and research. A Year 11 and 12 common room, with a functional kitchen, is provided for students to relax and enjoy a break from the rigors of intense VCE study, and to provide a place for them to learn together in community.