Dress Code

MDCS does not have a uniform, however students’ clothing choices and parents’ guidance of such are to be shaped by the clear guidelines given in the MDCS Dress Code. A Sports uniform is to be worn by students during PE and Sport classes, Interschool Sports Days and on some excursions. Sports T-Shirts are available for purchase in the MDCS Office at a cost of $40 each.


Principles that guide the MDCS Dress Code:
  • School activities: School dress should support the central purpose of schooling-teaching and learning.

  • Health and safety: School dress should be safe and supportive, safeguarding the health of students.

  • Comfort: School dress should be suitable and comfortable for the school environment. School dress will be different from dress for social functions or outings such as going to the beach.

  • Modesty: School dress should be modest, supporting the Christian core values of the School.

  • Individuality: School dress should afford some degree of guided freedom and provide an opportunity to express individuality


The Dress Code requires that student’s clothes are neat, clean, in good repair and appropriate for school.


  • T-shirts, polo tops or collared shirts are preferred.

  • Tops must have sleeves and have non-revealing necklines.

  • Tops should not show any midriffs or underwear including when arms are raised or when the student is bending over.

  • See-through garments are not permitted.


Skirts and Dresses
  • Skirts and dresses must be of medium length (come to no more than 10cm above the knee) and allow the student to bend over without showing personal attire.

  • Summer dresses without sleeves must have a top underneath that complies with the Tops statement.

Shorts, Trousers, and Jeans
  • Shorts must be of medium length: a minimum of halfway between the crotch and the knee.

  • Jeans must not reveal any undergarments (such as Boxer Shorts).

  • Leggings are permitted underneath garments but not on their own

  • Footwear needs to be safe and well supported.

  • Footwear should have an enclosed toe and a secured heel.

  • The following are not allowed: Ugg boots, Crocs, slippers, thongs, sandals or flimsy slip-on shoes.

  • When outdoors in Terms One and Four, hats with flaps or wide brims must be worn.

  • The brim of hats must be a minimum of 6cm.

  • Hats are not permitted to be worn indoors.

Physical Education
  • Students must be suitably attired for Physical Education.

  • Parents should be aware of PE days and students come dressed appropriately.

  • For Physical Education, students are to wear either blue shorts (leggings are permitted underneath) or tracksuit pants and a Mountain District Christian School Sports T-Shirt/Shirt.

Hair and Make-Up
  • Colour variation should also be of moderate intensity, with extreme bleaching being considered inappropriate.

  • Hair should be clean, neat and out of the eyes and face.

  • In Years P-9 where hair falls below the shoulder it must be tied back.

  • In Years 10-12 where hair falls below the shoulder it must be tied back for practical classes.

  • Subtle make-up is acceptable. This would include: light eye shadow, mascara, and blush. Heavy foundation or tanning application is inappropriate during school hours. Clear or light nail polish is also acceptable.


  • Items of jewellery should be kept to a minimum for reasons of safety as much as propriety.

  • There should be no body decorations such as tattoos (this includes temporary ones).


  • Necklaces are permitted if single, subtle and safe.

  • No necklaces are permitted during Physical Education or Manual Arts classes.


  • Earrings: Only one set of matching studs and small sleepers are allowed. “Dangly” or looped earrings are not allowed at school.

  • Other piercings, including eyebrow, lip, nose and tongue, are not permitted.


Management of the Dress Code
  • In most instances non-compliance will result in students being issued with a Dress Code Notice that will need to be signed and returned to school.

  • Make-up, jewellery will be asked to be removed or student sent home.

  • Inappropriate footwear: student sent home.

  • Inappropriate top: student will be issued an article of clothing from lost property or school t-shirt which is to be returned the following day.

  • Students who continue to breach the Dress Code will face normal disciplinary procedures, which includes exclusion from school activities and after-school detentions.


Sports Clothing

Students in Prep – Year 10 are required to wear the MDCS Sports uniform to all Physical Education classes and sporting events.


The MDCS Sports uniform includes:

  • MDCS Sports Polo Shirt

  • Navy blue shorts or tracksuit pants

  • Running shoes