Emergency Information

Given our location in the Dandenong Ranges and proximity to bush land, questions are commonly asked of MDCS staff in relation to our response in a Bushfire emergency.

As the safety of students, staff and parents on site is of paramount concern, MDCS has a comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (which guides our response to all critical incidents) developed in consultation with various governing bodies, CFA and local government. During 2013, MDCS was one of a number of Independent schools on the ‘Bushfire At Risk’ Register chosen by the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) to participate in an audit of their bushfire preparedness. The audit examined all of the procedures that we have in place, including records from our practice drills. The outcome of the review was that MDCS was found to be compliant with the government standards.

We ask families to be mindful of the following points regarding fire risk and preparedness:

  • The school will be closed on all days deemed to be "Code Red (catastrophic)" fire rating. As much notice as possible will be given of these closures. On these days there will be no one present on the MDCS property and no buses will run. Please do not send or bring children to school.
  • It is important that emergency contact information for each family is up-to-date. Please contact the office if there are any changes to your contact details.
  • In the event of a Bushfire occurring unexpectedly that threatens the school, there are several contingencies including, where safe to do so, evacuation to a safe place or community refuge centre.
  • Regular practice drills are held at school to ensure all staff and students are as well prepared as possible. The Multipurpose Room (underneath the library) due to its brick and concrete construction and location within the property has been assessed and deemed the safest refuge point if evacuation off site is not possible.

For more detailed information please see this document:

Bushfire Response at MDCS

Alternatively, contact the MDCS Office with your questions.