Enrolment Process

Follow these five steps to secure an enrolment at Mountain District Christian School:
Step 1 School Tour

Take a tour of the school grounds. You will have the opportunity to see classes in action, explore the school grounds and meet some of the staff and students of our community. Telephone the MDCS Office on 9756 7244 to make an appointment for your tour.

Step 2 Submit Application Forms

Complete an Enrolment Application for each child and forward to MDCS. A copy of your child’s Birth Certificate, their current Immunisation Status, two most recent school reports and NAPLAN (if applicable) are required at this stage, as they form part of your application.

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Step 3  Interview with our Principal

After we have received your enrolment application, you will then be invited to an interview with our Principal, Mr Jason Riding. The interview may take up to one hour. Where possible, it is preferable that both parents attend. Please see the information under At the Interview on what to expect at the interview.

Step 4 Meet the Finance Manager

After the interview there will be the opportunity to meet our Finance Manager, Ms Claire Kellie, to discuss the financial commitment of an MDCS education.

Step 5 Offer and Orientation

If there is a place for your child, you will receive an offer of enrolment. In order to accept the offer, you will be asked to pay:

  • an enrolment administration fee ($100 per child) and

  • family investment bond ($500 per family, refundable on last child's school exit after minimum three years of enrolment, conditions apply).

An Orientation pack will be provided for you, containing all the required forms and information to complete your enrolment.

At the Interview

This is an informal time, intended to help you gain a greater understanding of our foundations, our approach to teaching and learning and what we desire as outcomes for our students.

At the interview, you will receive answers to many of the following questions:


  • How did MDCS begin and why did the founding parents choose this location?

  • How does MDCS view the role of parents in children’s education?

  • Who are the teachers that educate at MDCS and what are the criteria for their selection?

  • What does it mean that MDCS is a “Christian” school?

  • Why doesn’t the school have a uniform?

  • What are the reasons parents choose MDCS as the school for their family?

  • Is MDCS only an option for families who are ‘religious’ or who go to church?

  • What is the community at MDCS like?


Throughout the interview parents are encouraged to ask questions to help them discern whether MDCS is the school for them.