School Fees

An important principle at MDCS is that a Christ-centred education be accessible to the families of our district who desire this kind of education for their kids. As such we strive to keep fees as low as possible and aim to be responsive to individual circumstances. Tuition fees are structured on a sliding scale with fees for the second and subsequent children discounted. Tuition fees are capped at a maximum amount.


MDCS School fees are an all inclusive amount covering everything practically necessary for your child/ren’s education, including all compulsory camps and excursions and all textbooks.*


Maximum Tuition Payable (per family) is $17,400

An 8% discount exists for those who pay their fees up front, early in December in the preceding year.

*The only items not included in school fees are Years 7- 12 textbooks and calculators, MDCS Sports T-Shirt, a once off refundable Family Investment of $500, and once off enrolment application fee (max. $200 per family). Bus fees and Community Levy are considered separate to tuition fees.  If affordable we also ask families for a voluntary annual Building Donation to go towards building capital expenditure. The suggested amount for this is $350.

Bus Fees

In 2020, Bus Fees are $700 per child.

Community Level

As a reflection of our desire to truly partner with families, we expect that families will give some of their time to the school. This may be in the form of attendance at a Working Bee, serving at a community event or helping in our school Tuck shop. Such service provides families with the opportunity to be part of the MDCS community in a practical sense. Eight hours of service will eliminate the levy, however some community members give much more than that to the school in working bee and hospitality hours. Sometimes families are unable to commit to this involvement and as such a community levy of $350 per family per year is payable. For more information on ways to be involved in the life of the school, please see the School Life section.

Enrolment Referral Incentive

An incentive of $500 is offered to referring families when a successful new family enrolment is approved. Adjustments will be credited to School Fee Accounts in the 3rd term.


Different options for payment of fees are available and our Business Manager encourages all parents to discuss any concerns or difficulties that they may be having, so that the school can be flexible and responsive to their needs.

Enquiring and enrolling families are invited to ask questions about financial matters at any time. We understand that financial considerations are an important dimension to the decision making process.