2022 School Fees

An important principle at MDCS is that a Christ-centred education be accessible to the families of our district who desire this kind of education for their kids. As such, we strive to keep fees as low as possible.

MDCS School fees are an all inclusive amount covering everything practically necessary for your child’s education, such as compulsory stationery, all core curriculum camps and excursions.

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Fourth and subsequent child is FREE

Maximum Tuition Payable (per family) is $17,900


  • NEW! Pensioner discount  - 20% off tuition fees if fully paid by 24 January 2022 (conditions apply)

  • Early bird discount - 8% off tuition fees if fully paid by 17th December 2021

Fee exclusions

What is NOT included in standard tuition fees?

  • Year 7 - 12 Textbooks & Calculators

  • Sports Polo-Shirt, Hats and related items

  • Elective subject levies (if applicable)

  • Vocational Education Training (partial school subsidy applies) and distance education unit tuition fees

  • Year 10 - 12 Bring Your Own (BYO) Device. Minimum technical specifications apply.

    • Please note, from 2023 onwards Years 7 - 9 will also require a BYO device.​

Bus Fees

Bus Fees per child              $720 full time                              $360 part time (5 or less one-way trips/week)

Conveyance Allowance:  Students living more than 4.8kms from MDCS may be eligible for a government conveyance allowance. This allowance is paid to help off-set the student bus transport costs and is paid to the school. If you travel by private car, you can still be eligible for an allowance. Please call the office if you believe you are eligible.

Click here for more bus related information.

Fee Payment Options

Fees will be invoiced annually.

Acceptable fee payment methods under school policy are:

  • upfront payment (in advance of the school year) OR

  • by direct debit payment plan. Families may nominate the fee payment frequency that suits them best, whether that is weekly, fortnightly, monthly or by term.

Fees must be paid a term in advance. Failure to do so may lead to your enrolment being in jeopardy.

It is essential that you contact the Business Manager if you are experiencing financial difficulties that will prevent you from meeting your school fees payments. Limited fee assistance is available for eligible families.

Other money matters

School Building Fund: Contributions to this fund are voluntary, and all donations of $2 and above to the Building Fund are tax deductible. This is a wonderful opportunity to help promote Christian Education and develop our school.  We ask each family to prayerfully consider a voluntary contribution of $350 each year to the Building Fund.

Moving your child to another School: One full term’s notice is required, in writing to the Principal, of your intention to move your child to another school. We reserve the right to charge the full term of fees in lieu of notice.

Enrolment fees and incentives: Click here for information on the enrolment process.

  • Enrolment Fee:  A fee of $100 per child is payable upon enrolment at the school. Please click here for enrolment fee information.

  • Family Investment Bond:  A bond of $500 per family is payable upon commencement at the school. This bond may be returned to you after your last child leaves the school, after a minimum of three years enrolment (conditions apply).

  • Enrolment referral incentive:  When a new family enrolment has been successfully introduced to the school community (remains in the school after the 3rd term - post Census), the referring family's fee account will be credited with $500. The enrolling family must nominate the referring family during the enrolment process (discussed with the Finance Manager at the enrolment interview).

If you have any questions about fees, please call the Office on (03) 9756 7244 to speak to the Finance Manager.

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