School Association

With a desire to see a flourishing school community where Jesus Christ is recognised as Lord over every aspect of life, a group of committed Christians formed an Association to establish and maintain MDCS.

MDCS is owned and operated by the ‘Mountain District Parent Controlled Christian School Association’ which is a member association of the national organisation, ‘Christian Education National.’

Members of the Association elect a Board who, with the Principal, are responsible for the running of the school, under the direction of its Memorandum and Articles of Association, which include an Educational Creed (Statement of Faith).

The aim of the Association is to provide a Christ-centred, child-oriented education whereby children are led into service using all their gifts and abilities.

School Board

Board members are elected from within the School Association and are elected for a three-year term.

The main functions of the School Board are:

  • To maintain the vision of MDCS.
  • To be a decision making body within the guidelines set down by the School Association.
  • To develop and monitor policies that define and communicate what is to be achieved.
  • To monitor the school finances.

Contact the board at