The Library

Library Open Hours

The library is open Monday to Friday from:

  • 8:45am – 11:15am

  • 11:35am – 12:45pm

  • 1:05pm –  4:00pm

The library is open during lunch-time every day.

Primary students have class library lessons on specified days.

Teachers may reserve ‘the pit’, the library, or the computers for class use, by means of the booking form in the library office.

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Library Aims

The Library aims to serve the school community by providing resources, print and electronic, for the teaching and learning program of the school. In doing this it strives to support the school's vision and mission. 

The library endeavours to resource all areas of the curriculum and assist students and teachers with their research needs.

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Library Resources

The library provides students and teachers with a range of up-to-date resources to inform all areas of the curriculum.



The non-fiction section is predominantly tailored to resource our unique General Studies curriculum and its needs. The fiction section caters for a wide variety of stages and interests, from picture books to senior fiction.

Other Resources

The library also has a range of additional resources available to teachers for classroom use, including DVDs, cameras, video camera, data projectors, iPads and charts.

Borrowing Proceedures

Students may borrow up to five items from the library at any time.

Students wishing to borrow more items may negotiate this with the library staff. The borrowing period is two weeks, which is extended during holiday periods. Items may be renewed, unless there is a prior reservation.


Students with overdue books are unable to borrow until overdue books have been returned. An account will be issued for lost books and must be paid.

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World Book Online

The library subscribes to World Book online. Please see library staff for details if you wish to access this resource from home.