Our Teachers

In accordance with our Core Values, MDCS employs only Christian teachers who can actively commit to and support the ethos of the school. Our teachers are passionate about educating from a Biblical perspective and about nurturing the God-given uniqueness and talents of all children in their care.

Our staff team is committed to their own ongoing learning as educators. They pursue opportunities for professional development, networking and getting together with staff from other Christian schools. They are also supported by the leadership of MDCS to undertake studies through the National Institute of Christian Education (NICE) to enhance their understanding of what it means to teach and learn with Christ at the centre of life.


Meet Our Educational Leaders


Mr Jason Riding – PRINCIPAL

Facilitating a whole staff team to think through what it means that all of life comes under God’s authority is both challenging and satisfying to Mr Riding in his role as Principal of MDCS. He says that recognising Christ’s Lordship over every aspect of life is a source of peace and comfort, but it can be difficult to describe what this actually looks like. As an educator, he enjoys helping students to wrestle with questions such as ‘What does the bible say about that?’ and ‘How does God call me to respond?’ With previous experience as Principal of another Christian school, 17 years of Primary and Secondary teaching with specialisations in Physical Education, Science and Mathematics, Mr Riding is equipped and enthusiastic about leading the MDCS community.


Mrs Janita Bratton – DEPUTY PRINCIPAL, Head of Junior Secondary & YEAR 6 CLASS TEACHER

Stepping up to the Deputy Principal position in 2014, Mrs Bratton shares much wisdom, knowledge and leadership ability gained from 20 years of teaching experience and the fulfillment of a variety of roles during the 14 years she has been at MDCS. As an educator, she never tires of witnessing students engage meaningfully with their learning or seeing their satisfaction in learning something new for the first time. As a Senior Primary teacher, watching students deepen their understanding of their identity and their gifts and talents is also a source of joy. At MDCS, Mrs Bratton values the supportive school community and the dedicated staff who are committed to designing and developing curriculum from a Biblical perspective. Being part of a community that seeks to honour God is exciting and distinctive about Christian Education.



Sam brings with her 26 years of teaching experience, gained from a range of Christian Schools in Victoria and Western Australia. Her previous leadership roles as Head of Primary, have helped shape her understanding of the biblical narrative and how this influences education.

A mother of two daughters, Sam is very aware of the role a Christian School plays in supporting parents as they teach their children to look at the world through God's eyes. As such, she is excited to be part of a community who seeks to do just that.

Sam is a passionate educator with a keen interest in history and understanding the connection between the past and the hope Jesus brings for our future.  Her love of problem solving has inspired a new generation to rise to the challenge of the 'Rubiks Cube'!






Paul joined the MDCS team in 2016 with almost 20 years of teaching experience and 9 years leading in a number of capacities within Christian Schools, including 4 years as VCE Co-Ordinator. Mr Lock has a passion for each student fulfilling their God given potential and seeking the pathway God has for them once they finish Year 12.  Bringing  with him a wealth of knowledge surrounding VCE, he understands that students do not undertake these years in isolation and endeavors to create a nurturing environment where every student and their family are supported.  He encourages students to seek ways to serve within the community while undertaking VCE,  and is encouraged to see his students continuing to serve after they leave school. One of his highlights of working in Christian schooling is having the opportunity to journey with students in their walk with God.  He is committed to supporting teachers in delivering the best possible VCE program, acknowledging that Christ is central to all teaching and learning.