Parents, Grandparents & Friends

Parents and grandparents frequently say that a ‘strong sense of community’ is one of the qualities they value most at MDCS. A reason for this is that they feel welcome and valued as contributors to school life, along with staff and students. At MDCS we regard the presence, partnership and participation of parents as vitally important.


We seek to be a community where parents, grandparents and other significant people in a student’s life are always welcome. There are opportunities to gather together and form relationships with other families, and many events each year, such as sports carnivals, productions, performances, dinners, cuppa mornings and special days where involvement and attendance of the whole family is highly valued. An annual highlight is our Primary 'Grandparents and Special Friends' Day' where students have the opportunity to invite a special person in their life to come and spend a morning with them at school.

Parents are encouraged to make the most of Parent-Teacher meetings, and to foster open communication with their child’s teacher. 


MDCS was founded by parents united in their vision to establish a place where their children would be educated in a way that mirrors their own faith and values. MDCS continues to be owned and operated by Christian parents who are members of the Mountain District Parent Controlled Christian School Association. From the association a Board is elected and meets once a month with the overarching purpose of keeping the school accountable to its Vision and Mission. Christian parents are encouraged to join the association and be involved at a governance level.


Just as each student is uniquely gifted, so is each parent! We encourage parents to consider their own interests, experiences and talents and to talk to us about how they can find expression in the life of the school. 

There are many opportunities to be involved, including: 

  • Helping in the Classroom – a Classroom Helpers course is conducted in March each year.
  • Attending Camps and Excursions
  • Marshalling at Sports Events
  • Supporting our Library Staff
  • Joining the Hospitality Team
  • Fundraising
  • Tuckshop
  • Working Bees
  • Helping in Administration
  • Grounds Work and Maintenance
  • Photography