Senior Primary - Years 5-6

As they approach the secondary years, 5s and 6s are learning to think more independently, expressing their ideas and creativity in a variety of ways. They are becoming proficient at explaining and justifying their opinions, and developing greater awareness of the ways that God has gifted them and how they can use these gifts in the school setting and beyond.

They are becoming increasingly self-motivated and disciplined, needing less input from the adults in their lives to ensure they complete tasks. They value their friendships and enjoy opportunities to spend time in a social context. Senior primary teachers not only foster students’ continued academic learning, but also help them navigate their way through social, emotional and physical changes.


It is expected that senior primary students will complete at least 30 minutes of homework on 4 nights of the week. They keep a log of their home reading and undertake other tasks as set by the class teacher.

Years 5 and 6 Annual Highlights

  • Music Showcase – Music concert with class and optional individual performances.
  • Primary Production – Bi-annual production involving all Primary students.
  • Excursions related to learning of General Studies topics.
  • Book Week Activities – Group work across the Primary school, costume parade.
  • 2 day/3 night Camp – Usually related to the General Studies topic, students have opportunity for learning outside the classroom and relating to each other and their teachers in a different context.
  • House Athletics – Years 5 and 6 join with all MDCS students up to Year 11 to complete in Athletics events, earning points for their ‘House’.
  • Interschool Athletics – Representing MDCS, our students compete against other Christian Schools in a friendly Athletics carnival at Knox.
  • Swimming Program – Students attend an intensive swimming program at Monbulk Aquatic Centre as part of the PE Curriculum.
  • Hoop Time & Kanga Cricket – Where possible, students participate as a team in local interschool Basketball and Cricket competitions.
  • Year 5/6 Social & Sleepover – Students help plan a social night at school, with music, disco lighting, dancing and food. They then enjoy a sleepover at school.
  • Year 7 Experience Day – Designed to assist transition into Secondary school, students spend a day “experiencing” some of the classes and meeting the teachers they will encounter the following year.
  • Year 6 ‘Tiny Toastmasters’ course – Year 6s participate in a speech-making course throughout fourth term. This culminates with the delivery of a speech at the Year 6.
  • Year 6 Graduation Dinner – Year 6 families share in a night of celebration to mark the end of the Primary school years at a local restaurant.